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DisinformACTION - Teachers training ongoing in France!

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DisinformACTION! - Counter Climate Change Disinformation through youth E-participation is a 24-month project implemented by a consortium of 4 organizations (GEYC - Romania, RESOPA - France, MiHi - Latvia and EuroMuevete - Spain) with the general objective of fostering the ability of young people to identify online climate change disinformation and misinformation, while at the same time encouraging them to become active citizens in their local communities when it comes to issues related to climate and environment.

We are currently working on the teachers training ! 


The aim of training teachers is to introduce them to the Climate Change Ambassadors methodology, and to provide them with methods and tools so that they are ready to implement it in their local schools.

The objectives of these training sessions are to :

  • Present the Climate Change Ambassadors methodology and activities.

  • Provide teachers with tips and tricks for implementing the workshops.

  • Enable teachers to train themselves by practicing the methodology's activities, so that they can implement the workshops at a later date.

  • Facilitate workshop implementation 

  • Help them appropriate non-formal education methods and discover the concepts of French popular education as a complementary skill to their own methods.


After an initial workshop in which 18 people were introduced to the origins of "popular education" in France and its concepts, teachers were able to experiment with the animation methods they would use with their students. 

They first worked in sub-groups on identifying misinformation, disinformation and factual information, and the differences between these three definitions, then debated in plenary about online communication and the other activities in the first two chapters.

Then, in subgroups again, they brainstormed ideas for online campaigns, putting themselves in their students' shoes, and familiarized themselves with digital tools (Canva, Framapad, Mentimeter, Padlet...). 

Additional teaching tools and resources were suggested by participants and added to the support document.

Feedback was positive: some teachers valorized the complementarity of this training with their teaching practices and curriculum, as well as the trainer's methods adapted to teachers' needs.

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On march of 2024, 8 more persons attended a session from RESOPA, thanks to ITSRA, the institute of social work in Clermont-Ferrand, our local Partner. Teachers have committed to organizing one or more workshops with their students within six weeks of their training. These workshops will apply the Climate Change Ambassadors methodology, with practical sessions based on non-formal teaching methods. They are asked to give RESOPA the dates and send photos of the sessions.

The non-formal education methods used in this training have inspired other content for some teachers, who plan to use them to tackle the fight against misinformation on other subjects, particularly social ones (e.g. immigration law, a hot topic in France).

Some teachers chose to join their group to run two-person workshops with more students.
They will give feedback by fulfilling a form after the implementation of the workshop.

The implementation of these workshops in ITSRA is particularly important because it is where the bootcamp of September will be hosted.

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