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Association RESOPA - Réseau Solidaire & Participatif (Solidary & Participative Network) is a French organisation that works with youth through non-formal education and international mobilities on topics related to social innovation, sustainable development, and youth participation in community development.

Since 2018, we have been working locally in the Auvergne region on several projects (workshops, public events also dubbed citizens’ cafés (café citoyens), and group discussions, including campaigns) on issues related to sustainability such as eco-friendly lifestyle, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and local development.


Our projects have been developed in partnership with local organisations, social entrepreneurs, city councils, student associations, as well as reinsertion organisations who seek to socially include their members (youth) through various projects and activities - locally and at a European level.

Our aims are to:

• Raise the youth’s awareness on issues related to sustainable development as well as work with them through non-formal education techniques to contribute to our planet’s protection.

• Help young French people participate actively in society and Europe through different projects (youth exchanges, training courses, work camps, etc.)

• Train socially excluded young people to be changemakers who can contribute positively to society through different actions and projects.

• Enable young people to fulfill their societal and human duties through our projects, events, and engagements.


We take pride in our multilingual and multicultural team, which consists of researchers, project managers, youth workers, trainers, as well as engineers skilled in issues of circular economy, social inclusion, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, arts and humanities, and education. We are skilled in knowledge sharing and information adaptation for all kinds of public and people from different backgrounds.


  • European Social Innovation Competition (organized by the European Commission 2018): semi-finalists (30 projects selected from 731 across Europe). 

  • Social Innovation Prize at the Social Entrepreneurship awards by PEPITE Auvergne, France (2018). 

  • Organisation of the first ever ErasmusPlus Youth Project in French Polynesia, over 15000km from Europe (2022)!

Proud Member of:

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